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 Starting July 1, 2017, your Board members are:


Jerry Sinks:  President, USSSA WA Region 5 Director, Assigner, Flag Football Commissioner

Terry Muhlhauser:  Vice President

Kyle Dorsey:  Secretary

Cameron Sadler: Treasurer

Sam Harding:  Slow Pitch Commissioner

Butch Jones:  Fast Pitch Commissioner

Scott Buck:  Baseball Commissioner

Marla Houser:  Business Manager (non-board)




Interested in officiating baseball, fast pitch, or slow-pitch softball?  We are accepting applications for slow pitch summer, fall and winter 2017, and for baseball and fast pitch as needed.  Applicants will be kept on file for 2018.  Click here "New official registration


If you have a question or comment about our association or one of our officials please click here to contact us.



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